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DJ Yoda (Live AV set)

Alphabethead, DJ Spell, Sticky Fingaz, Dam-G and Marek.

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DJ Yoda was instrumental in creating the bootleg ‘cut-up’ mixing style. Whilst most other ‘superstar’ DJ’s were macho-postulating and demanding huge fees, Yoda was doing it for laughs… Nearly a decade later, in an era of playlist-skipping and remixes of bootlegs of bootlegs, he’s more relevant than ever.

-- XYZ Magazine, February 2010

Duncan Beiny aka DJ Yoda is no ordinary scratch DJ. His seminal How To Cut & Paste series showcased a tongue-in-cheek mixing style that prompted Q Magazine to declare him “one of the ten DJs to see before you die”, whilst Hip Hop Connection voted him “one of the top three DJs in the world”.

From hip-hop beginnings, DJ Yoda has evolved in the past ten years, using his turntable skills and diverse influences as varied as Funk, B-more, Kuduro, Reggae, Drum ‘n’ Bass and even Big Band Swing and Country & Western to make unashamed party music. He can be found cutting the Indiana Jones theme with woofer-worrying Dubstep or The Muppet Theme with MIA. His shows are peppered with Film, TV and YouTube samples and visuals that lift his sets to new and stratospheric heights.

Trail-blazing into the world of the audio-visual he pioneered a new artform, using cutting edge technology that he has been instrumental in developing, to scratch and mix visuals on top of his DJ sets in the clubs. Starting out by re-scoring both ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ on the festival circuit in 2003 and 2004, DJ Yoda went on to transform the average night out into a fusion of clubbing and the movies. His recent AV tours have included “DJ Yoda Goes To The Movies”, “Magic Cinema Show” and “National Video Vacation”.

DJ Yoda recently released the fourth and fifth instalments of the ‘How To Cut and Paste’ mix CD series, moving even further away from the hip-hop template into un-chartered musical territory. Blowing the barn doors off for a wild hayride into the heart of Country & Western, Vol. 4 was a truly surprising and groundbreaking edition, whilst ‘The ‘30’s Edition’ (Vol. 5) featured the kings of swing retooled with raw 21st Century beats. It scored a perfect 10 out of 10 in iDJ magazine, and has thrown the doors wide open for the series’ future.

Support from Alphabethead, DJ Spell, Sticky Fingaz, Dam-G and Marek.

DJ Yoda (Live AV set)]